In my opinion, EXLIBRIS is a way of self-advertising and making an applicative professional graphic. There always will be an audience, interested in this sophisticated area of art.
While working on ex-libris I am passing several steps. First of all, I find out as much information as I can about future owner of this ex-libris, his biography, fields of interest, special qualities, important moments during his life and, of course, the size of a work. Then, using the following information, I draw several sketches and choose the best one, which reflects the main idea of the work. In each ex-libris, I put special thought and each one has a conception and plot. After it is ready, the image is transferred to the cooper plates and start my work. Usually, one plate takes me one and a half week. Then, when the plate is almost ready, I make trying a proof print, on which I can see the weak and strong places and finish the plate completely. The last step is printing the whole edition.


2013 – 2016