Kama Sutra – stain, Yama Sutra, Kama – yama, Pliassoutra, Staino-kama, Sutra-sutra, Masyama, Lyamasutra, Amyalp – artusamak, Artes-amia, Amya-amak, Artusialp, Amak-omyalp, Artus-artus, Amiasam, Artusamial.
Stain – form
Form – body
Body – passion
Passion – interaction
Interaction – feeling
Feeling – the energy
The cycle of experimental mini-prints is designed to study the interaction of forms and colors with the method of classical printing. For this experiment, a reference to Kamasutra was made – to a book of love, which was a bit reformated in a modern way, in which there are no restrictions on same-sex relationships. The works originate from a series of illustrations to the book “Sweetest Pain – anthology
of Ukrainian Erotic Poetry”.