War of Anatomies

Geometry in its original sense is the study of shapes, sizes and relative positions of their parts, as well as the conversion of figures. In its turn Anatomy is the science that examines the structure of the human body, the relationship of organs and their functioning together as one body. Thus, we get the concept, where the role of spatial figures, objects of study plays the human body, and anthropomorphist is an essential characteristic of geometric forms. The environment, in which this ratio is considered, is the one of stress, aggression, and maximization of the interaction for geometric shapes-people – the war. In my works, I emphasize attention on issues that arise after the collision of two bodies as an allegory to the traumatic and destructive consequences of war, which directly affect people – objects.

The central theme is the very essence of the concept of deformation or loss of the stable form. Imagining a human, represented with geometric shapes represents the concept of physical and spiritual aspects of the subconscious. Therefore, the personification of emotional trauma, which is invisible to the eye as it is internal consequence of the war, there is the destruction of anatomy and unnatural placement in space of the human body, deformation of the overall design which aims to show the outside of the internal processes which provokes clashes – potential energy of war is diametrically opposite vector that instead of supporting sustainability entails changing the physical form. A large number of deformed solids provokes changes in the entire system environment.



2015 – 2017